Minnesota Sex Crimes Lawyer

A sex crime conviction will change your life permanently. Don’t risk your reputation and future by not hiring the right criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota. The law firm of Bradshaw & Bryant, PLLC has been protecting clients accused of sex crimes for over 30 years. We will use our knowledge and experience to defend your sex crimes case and pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

At the law firm of Bradshaw & Bryant, PLLC we strongly believe all of our clients deserve a fair trial and are entitled to their rights. Every sex crime case has its strengths and weaknesses. Our Minnesota sex crimes lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation, challenge the evidence and create a strong defense to obtain a positive conclusion. In some cases, we are able to negotiate a plea bargain to minimize the charges or have the charges dropped completely.

The following are some of the criminal sex offenses in Minnesota that we defend:

In Minnesota, once you are convicted of a sex crime you will be required to register as a sex offender. However, there are circumstances that may allow you to clear your name. Only an experienced St. Cloud sex crimes attorney from the law firm of Bradshaw & Bryant, PPLC can help you understand your rights and determine if you qualify for removal from the sex offender registry.

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